Old Battle Photo's

A collection of old photographs from pre-war Battle
If you can provide any further information about these pictures please E-mail me: tim@battle-abbey.co.uk

Recent Battle photo's

Old Abbey Prints
Found in a brown-paper Album which belonged to my Great Grandmother
The Album is slightly damaged, discoloured, and very fragile. The pages and tissue inter-leaving were originally held together with a cord but I was able to scan the prints without further damaging the contents. There is no clue as to the photographer, or the printer, but a date written on one of the tissues in my grandfather's handwriting suggests that the pictures were printed in the early 1900's, and certainly before the fire in 1931.
These photos were sent to me by Audrey McAllan
Festival of Britain 1951
Gerge Charman - Homeguard Photos
Re-Enactment 2001
950 Years - 2016
Abbey Roll
Abbey Tour
Battle Abbey Roll
Battle Film Festival 2004
Battle Memories 1939-46
Battle Musicians
Battlefield vist
Bobs Doodlebug
Book Launch
David Arscott
Desmond Llewelyn
Dutchess_Guide Pt1.
Dutchess_Guide Pt2.
Dylan Goodwin
Ewa Griffiths
Festival of Britain 1951
Frank Chacksfield
Geoff Hutchinson
Geoff Hutchunson
George Charman's Pictures
Grace Family
Guide by Ivor White and James Oliver
Hugh West
Isaac Ingall
Joan C Guyll
Joyces Doodlebug
Letters to Hannah
Local Authors
Mary's Doodlebug
Old Abbey Prints
Roy Pryce
Stella Stickland
Travers Epitaph
Victoria Seymour
Wartime Experiences
Wood family

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