Germany 1945/46

A selection of photographs from the Guards Armoured Division, Germany  1945-46
Churchill Tanks of the GA.D
Churchill Tanks of the GA.D
Irish Guards
The Rheinland was under British Occupation
German Prisoners were interrogated
The Rheinland was under British Occupation
German Prisoners were interrogated
We threw a Christmas Party for the German kids  who lived near our Barracks in Hamburg
Christmas Party for the German kids

A First World War German tank overlooked the Barrack Square, and, a Fire reservoir, where, after the Irish Guards had departed, a young child was tragically drowned while playing among the deserted buildings.
Barrack Square
It is said that there are plans to use the site where the Estorff Barracks stand today, to build an International Media Park where they will have Film,Television studios, and Theatre , where students can learn the technology, and hold Festivals etc.,
On Guard Duty at Estorff Barracks
On Guard Duty at Estorff Barracks
My dad made many friends while serving in Hamburg.
One lady, who was just a child in 1945, used to call at the barracks each day to get a bowl of soup from a field kitchen which we set up outside the Barrack Gates. She carried her young brother in her arms so that they could get TWO bowls. Then they would go home to share the soup with their Mum. This lady saw an article about my website in the Hamburger Abendblatt in 1999 and has been writing to me ever since. Hallo, Liebe Heike, Vergissmeinnicht !
Gummersbach 1945 - Photos
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Irish guards   

A selection of Documents that may be of interest - my dad never threw anything away it
would appear
Winning Team Certificate
dance invitation
Record of Service
Dance ticket 1946
Hamburg 1946 wood carving
Wooden Carving - not sure who carved it though
Xmas menu 1945
Menu Xmas 1945
POW camp ticket
POW camp ticket
beer label
Cafeteria Price list
Menu 11 July 1946
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Naafi Concert - Khassa Kapers
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Irish Guards - Certificate of Service
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The German Army in Pictures
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Novice Boxing Competition - Khassa Kamp 5A NAFFI - 1947
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First Armoured Devision Magazine 1947
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HQ Berlin Infantry Brigade - Aide Mamoire
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German Medical Records
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For your Guidance
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Hitler Youth Card
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Victory Celebration - Official Programme
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Training in Wales 1944/5

Prize Chit
Military Personnel Rail Ticket
Alms House, Godstone Green
Ivor and Glenys
Glenys Davies
Glenys Davies
Training in Wales 1944
Training in Wales 1944
Training in Wales 1944
Caterham Guards Depot 1944
Guardsmen Hanbury, White, Curry
Caterham Guards Depot 1944
Alms House, Godstone Green

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My dad was in Palastine during the 1947 UN Partitioning
Here are some photos and momentos collected by him during that time
Golden Sands Hiliday Camp 1947
Golden Sands Hiliday Camp 1947
Golden Sands Hiliday Camp 1947
Golden Sands Hiliday Camp 1947
Ivor August 1947
August 1947
Ivor August 1947
Haifa Harbour taken from the Mess deck in TRIPOLITANIA bound for Cyprus
Varosha - Cyprus
Varosha - Cyprus
This is now a ghost town - abandoned in 1974 after the Turkish invasion
The "Med" Famagusta
The "Med" Famagusta
Palm Trees
How's your greek?
This may be a cinema ticket perhaps
greek ticket
I wonder if it's still there?

Hermes Strees is on the edge of the "Green Line" established in 1963 after the devision of Nicosia
Willnic Bar - famagusta
My dad liked the cinema
cinema ticket
Photos od Palestine 1947
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Middle East 1947


Michael Poole and Ivor
1947 Battle soldiers meet in far-away places 1948 

(My dad recounts the memories of his time in Palastine)
The war in Europe was over, but many of us younger ones had to soldier on, there was still a dangerous job to
do in the Middle East. After acclimatizing in Egypt, we were assigned to keeping the peace in Palestine. As it
turned out, I wasn't the only soldier from Battle in the Holy Lands. I was very lucky, and extremely surprised, to
meet several lads from my home town. We all shared the same teachers at "The Battle and Langton School" in
Marley Lane.
I shall never forget that Michael seriously injured my leg with a spade in 1939 when we were digging Air-Raid
shelters for the school in an adjacent field. I still have the scar.
Godfrey Lade and Ivor
I met Godfrey Lade (left) in a British military
Leave Camp named "Golden Sands", in
Famagusta, Cyprus.
(A tented camp, long before today's Holiday
Hotels were built) We had both chosen to take
leave from various parts of the Middle-East at the
same time. I didn't even know that he was in
Palestine. Godfrey was serving with the 4/7th.
Dragoon Guards, and, on release found
employment with Till's Ironmongers in Battle High
Street, where he worked for many years.
I met Michael Poole (left) at Mount
Scopus Camp in Jerusalem. He was just
visiting the Holy City with his company
of Grenadier Guards. How he knew that
I was on Mount Scopus I cannot

I was operating the Irish Guards
Military Exchange switchboard in an old
Nissen Hut, and suddenly, there he
was, in the doorway, and I couldn't 
believe my eyes. 

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