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This site is dedicated to my dad and his family who lived and grew up in Battle and the Abbey grounds. You will find
photographs and memorabilia created and collected by my ancestors, who tended the gardens of the Abbey from the
mid 1920's to the start of WWII. After the War they continued to live in Battle and the surrounding area, up to the
present day..
All photographs were taken by members of my family unless otherwise stated.
I hope you enjoy this site and learn something about the history of this famous monument and the people who
worked in it.
If you have any memories of Battle or the Abbey, please send them to me and I will publish them here for others to
enjoy. You never know - you may even get re-united with some old friends..

The White family can be traced back to the late 1700's living in and around Battle.
In those times they lived in the Telham Road area and were General Labourers
The last living relative in Battle also lived in the very same area running a Nursery.
There are no living members of the White family in Battle today. We are not far away though and pass through on
regular basis. Each time we are reminded of our roots in this remarkable Town

The links below will guide you through the White family Battle history and later in Hastings

The White Family of Battle

In the papers

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James Morgan (1823-1922)

(Great-Great Grandfather)

The Powdermills

Walter White (1869-1942)

(Great Grandfatther)

At the Abbey

Town Band
Percival & Mabel White (nee Mewett)
(1902-1973) (1900-1996)     (Grand Parents)
Family pictures from the 20's
Uncle Reg
Percivals Photos
Photos from the 30's
Battle Memories
Life at South Lodge
My Uncle Reg
Gummersbach 1945/46
My Dad (1926-2008)

Palestine 1947
Battle Cinema
Home Guard
Press Photographer 1950's
Irish Guards 1944-1948
Territorial Army 1950-54
Wales 1944/45
Ivor White
Family Photos 1950's
My Mum
Harris Family
Family at War
Life at South Lodge
Family Autograph Album
The Mewett Family
Mabel's Kitchen
Aunty Annie's Doodlebug
Albion Mewett's Wedding
Normanhurst Court (POW)
The White Family at war
Bread Theft !! - Percy loses his loaf
Hollington United FC
Prize Winning Percy
Dorothy Eldridge Wedding
James Morgan dies aged 96
Battle Town Band
Walter White dies in Battle
Ivor gets married
Read about the White Family
Extracts from the British Newspaper Archives
Plus many more................
KB Memories
ITT Memories
Home Front TV Show 2004
Cenotaph 2002
Meeting the stars
A Family Reunion - Meet the Morgans
Hastings 1950 photos
Princess Elizebeth visits Hastings in 1951
Meeting Richard Attenborough
Other Battle memories
My Mum and the Harris Family -  the Goble Family -  the Moleneaux Family
Some interesting documents about
Battle and Battle Abbey - some
scanned by me so that you can
All documents
Dutchess Abbey Guide
Ivor's Guide
Chronicon Monasterii de Bello

1846 Latin English
My conversion

Original text


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Battle of hastings
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Battle Abbey Roll
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Desmond Llewelyn
Dutchess_Guide Pt1.
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Dylan Goodwin
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Ewa Griffiths
Family at War
Festival of Britain 1951
Fishing Cottage
Frank Chacksfield
Geerings of Ashford
Geoff Hutchinson
Geoff Hutchunson
George Charman's Pictures
Goble Family
Grace Family
Graham White in Oz 1951
Guestbook Archive
HRH Princess Elizabeth
Harris Family
Hastings Carnival 1958
Hob Knobbing
Home Guard
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ITT Memories
Irish Guards
Isaac Ingall
Ivor White (Dad)
Ivor White (Dad)
James Morgan
Joan C Guyll
Joyces Doodlebug
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Letters to Hannah
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Moleneaux Family
My Dads Guide
My Family
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Normanhurst Court
Old Abbey Prints
Pageant 1932
Percival White
Photos 1920's
Photos 1930's
Photos 1950's
Press Cuttings 1
Press Cuttings 2
Press Cuttings 3
Press Cuttings 4
Press Photographer
Richard Attenborough
Roy Pryce
South Lodge
South Lodge
Stella Stickland
Sybil and Albert
Territorial Army
Travers Epitaph
Uncle Reg
Victoria Seymour
Walter White
Wartime Experiences
Winny and Monty 1955
Wood family

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