Mewett Family

Annie, Albion Jnr, Albion Snr, Mabel
Annie, Albion Jnr, Albion Snr, Mabel
Albion Snr
The Mewett family were living in Ashburnham in 1900  
when my grandmothet was born

Albion Snr worked as a gamekeeper  

In 1891 Albion Snr was residing as a boarder at  
Greenwoods farm Heathfield. He was the gamekeeper.
Also staying at that location was George Packham (Son  
in Law to the Head - Walter Pettitt) I suspect that this is  
how he met his wife Mary Packham.
Mabel aged 4
Mabel aged 4

This photo was taken by

BODON & HAWLEY of Bexhill
Mabel aged about19
Mabel aged about19
Sidney Marchant
Sidney Marchant - A boyfriend of
Mabel, died of pneumonia in Palestine
in 1918 just before he was due to
return home.
Annie Alice Mewett and David Honeysett
Annie Alice Mewett and David
Honeysett - they married in 1938.

see newspaper cutting
Mabel Mewett married Percival White
Mabel Mewett married Percival
White. They lived in Battle, at
South Lodge, and later at 13
Senlac Gardens
Elizabeth White, Percival and Mabel outside Abbey Cottage
Elizabeth White, Percival
and Mabel outside Abbey

This was where the Abbey
Walled Garden was situated
- it is clearly visible on
Google Maps
Albion worked at the Gypsum mines and played in the
Dallington Town Band

He had two childern by his first wife Gladys; Cybil and Anthony

I had an email from a Darryl Mewett who live in Australia, in
2009 recalling a comment about Albion;

"I remember Albion junior as an old man. He was a lovely
person, as was his second wife Edith.

I went on my first motorbike ride with Albion. He was going
round a corner in the middle of Brightling, quite slowly and in
the middle of the road, when he turned to me and said "Last
time I came round this corner on the bike I was knocked off by
a woman driver and broke both my legs." That gave me a lot
of confidence!"

I also remember when he broke his legs - he still used to ride
his bike to the pub
Cybil married Albert spice in 1953 - see the photos
Albion and Eadie wedding day
Albion and Eadie wedding group

Albion and Eadie

Albion and Eadie wedding day
Left to right

Elsie - Albion - Edie - Connie
Uncle Albion and Edie, with Mabel, Aunty Annie, Colin and Serena
Uncle Albion and Edie, with Mabel,
Aunty Annie, Colin and Serena, at
Sunny Bank in Catsfield (1970's)
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